Don’t forget to add Input and agenda items for the Cork City Council LCDC (Local Community Development Committee)
Email Yvonne at
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The LCDC has a broad remit for all issues to do with community development. Cork City PPN has 6 representatives on the committee. To prepare for the next meeting of the LCDC,the PPN and LCDC Reps would like to hear from you.  
If your organisation has any item which it would like added to the agenda could you please forward it to Yvonne Murphy at 
At the April meeting, the PPN report to the LCDC included input from member of the Senior Citizens Parliament who raised the mental health implications of cocooning on the over 70s. The comments were heard at the LCDC and at the Community Response Meeting and even forwarded to the Department of Health and Department of Rural and Community Development. This highlights how important it is to feed in and participate.