Cork City Development Plan Consultation

Cork City Council launched the first phase of its City Development Plan Consultation on 26 June 2020. This phase is known as the pre-plan consultation because it’s all about drawing in the ideas and broad principles people want included in the plan before it is drawn up. Once complete, the report written about this phase will help to shape the new Draft City Development Plan.

The Draft Plan will be published either towards the end of 2020 or during 2021, and there will be a second consultation about that where we will be able to make submissions on the detailed plan itself. A third and final consultation will be about any amendments it is proposed to make to the Draft Plan before it is adopted by City Council.

The process starts wide and narrows as the plan starts to take shape, and as we’re at the very start it’s all about BIG IDEAS. This is the time to be Ambitious4Cork! Shoot for the stars on what you ask for and you never know how far you might get. Sure, the most outlandish of ideas probably won’t get anywhere, and even the most sensible might struggle to find their way into the City Development Plan as so many things, people, and groups compete with one another. But Don’t Ask, Don’t Get, so get your thinking cap on and don’t be shy!



The content on this page will continue to be updated as new resources and aids are produced. It is intended to act as a One Stop Shop for useful information on what the Development Plan is all about and how you can make your voice heard, so check back regularly. We will also be updating our social media accounts regularly, so you can find links to new content will be posted at & .