Our secretariat is currently not operating at full capacity! We have space for several more secretariat members, and we will be holding elections at our April 6th plenary. Anyone member of the PPN is eligible for election to the secretariat.

What does this role entail?

The PPN Secretariat’s role is as follows:

  • Oversight:
    • Oversee and drive the activity of the PPN, ensuring that the PPN is developing and functioning effectively. Policies drafted by the Secretariat will be brought to Plenary for approval or development.
    • Oversee the participation of PPN representatives in respective committees, fora and boards and to ensure an effective and transparent reporting and feedback policy is in place. This includes oversight of linkage groups.
  • Representative: Where the PPN is invited to events, a members/members of the Secretariat may attend as representatives of the PPN.
  • Facilitative: to facilitate and oversee the representation of the community and voluntary, social inclusion and environmental sector on local and national fora, committees and groups
  • Plenary: To convene at least 2 plenary meetings per year, giving one month’s notice for each meeting.
  • Management: To manage the work programme of the PPN Coordinator and provide staff support to the coordinator in their employment at Cork Volunteer Centre.
  • Financial: To oversee the financial management of the PPN accounts, including a quarterly financial report to Secretariat meeting, funding arrangements with Cork City Council and biannual reports to Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government.

Would you like to be more involved in the development of the PPN? Get in touch with Martha corkcity@ppn.ie to talk about the role and the elections.