Public Meeting – Open consultation on Sustainable Mobility: Council Chambers, Cork City Hall, Tuesday 14 January, 18:30

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Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport Public Consultation on a Review of Sustainable Mobility Policy Deadline for Submission: 24 January (Opened 14 November) Visit : The Department of Transport has an open consultation on the future of Transport in Ireland and to review Ireland’s sustainable mobility (active travel and public transport) policy. A recent National Positive Ageing Strategy - Stakeholder Forum highlighted the difficulty experienced by senior citizens when using public transport. The PPN will also be making a submission if any members would like to forward their submission to us or any comments they would like included in our submission. For details and supporting documents, visit To make a submission, email or send by post to: Sustainable Mobility Policy Review, Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, Leeson Lane, Dublin 2 D02 TR60 An extensive range of background papers on various different aspects of sustainable mobility is available to assist with developing the new policy framework. Text only and audio file versions of each background paper are also available. Please email if required. Supporting Documents: 1. Public Consultation Summary Booklet - 2. Public Transport and Accessibility - Background Paper 1 - Public Consultation Summary Booklet - 3. Active Travel - Background Paper 2 - file:///C:/Users/CarolDoyle/Downloads/42950_f789b2fcfb144441822f58236986eeea%20(1).pdf 4. Climate Change Challenge - Background Paper 3 - file:///C:/Users/CarolDoyle/OneDrive/CorkPPNMainFolder/Research,Policy&Publications/2020Jan_Consultation_ReviewSustainableMobilityPolicy/3_SustainableMobilityClimate%20Change%20Challenge.pdf 5. Congestion - Background Paper 4- file:///C:/Users/CarolDoyle/OneDrive/CorkPPNMainFolder/Research,Policy&Publications/2020Jan_Consultation_ReviewSustainableMobilityPolicy/4_SustainableMobilityPolicy_Congestion.pdf 6. Greener Buses – Alternative fuel options for the urban bus fleet - Background Paper 5 - file:///C:/Users/CarolDoyle/Downloads/42954_c3dc42731c4844a780cc8ef500a26845%20(1).pdf 7. Land Use Planning and Transport Planning - Background Paper 6 - file:///C:/Users/CarolDoyle/Downloads/42955_0f005c14ce7f4b8e9fc42177986d2ac7%20(1).pdf 8. Regulation of Public Transport - Background Paper 7 - file:///C:/Users/CarolDoyle/Downloads/42956_b44ee43d1bd149dbb78c921906097190%20(1).pdf 9. Public Transport in Rural Ireland - Background Paper 8 - file:///C:/Users/CarolDoyle/Downloads/42957_fa9836454c5b409ebd0e6574c0f49199.pdf 10. Statistics and Trends - Background Paper 9 file:///C:/Users/CarolDoyle/Downloads/42958_5e9a21f3a2da442b9fccccd8344e2551.pdf 11. Report of Round Table Discussion with Stakeholders – file:///C:/Users/CarolDoyle/Downloads/42801_c4592928a0d24fcfb9adde757b47ea87.pdf 12. Review of actions of Smarter Travel Policy - file:///C:/Users/CarolDoyle/Downloads/42959_a34feeb35a8946eeb9946fa8ca6be62a.pdf 13. Evaluation of Smarter Travel Areas 14. Data protection and privacy notice

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