Charities Governance Code
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The Charities Governance Code explains the minimum standards that should be met to effectively manage and control a registered charity. Good governance involves putting in place systems and processes to ensure that a charity achieves its charitable objectives with integrity and is managed in an effective, efficient, accountable and transparent way.

Charity trustees are responsible for the governance of their charity and should make sure that the six principles of the Charities Governance Code are being applied, namely

  1. Advancing charitable purpose
  2. Behaving with integrity
  3. Leading people
  4. Exercising control
  5. Working effectively
  6. Being accountable and transparent

The Governance Code Toolkit provides guidance notes and templates to assist charities and charity trustees to meet all of the core standards outlined in the Code. The Charities Regulator has just launched the 2nd set of guidance materials & templates as part of the Code’s Toolkit.

Key Dates Relating to the Code 
2019 –  is considered a year of learning and preparation for implementing the Code
2020 –  registered charities are expected to comply with the Code
2021 –  Registered charities are expected to report on their compliance with the Code

 Download the toolkit at