Members of Cork City PPN might remember participating in a Member Survey in the first half of 2017. Your organisations might have completed this survey in person or through this website.



Thanks to the 60% of our membership who contributed to the gathering of information about membership priorities, resources, policy interests and desired collaborations. You helped your PPN generate a hugely useful picture of where our network is, and where our work might take us in the coming years.


What happens next? Well, the Secretariat of the PPN have used the results of the report to help to develop a work programme which reflects the findings and the information collected. For example-

  • Though the results indicate that  25% of respondents were from groups who had been in existence for fewer than 5 years., our network does not benefit from active engagement from many of these members. Cork City PPN will dedicate time to reaching these newer organisations, and bringing them into the fold, to represent and support them.
  • As a network, we are aware of the breakdown of our membership between Community&Voluntary, Social Inclusion and Environmental Groups-this survey once again highlighted the strength of our Social Inclusion representation, but also that we have a lot fo work to do to engage with the Community and Voluntary ‘college’- we are planning ways to engage this sector , which we know is so strong in Cork City
  • Respondent are interested in establishing links between the network (and member organisations ) and Healthy Cities, CESCA, CYPSC and Age Friendly Cities. This gives a great steer on what work to continue to prioritise and to move forward in the coming year.


The report of the survey can be read in detail here-happy reading!



PPN Member Survey Report