Press release: New Cork City Council Strategic Policy Committees meet at City Hall


Cork City Council’s new Strategic Policy Committees (SPCs) met yesterday afternoon for the first time for an information and briefing session in advance of their first official meetings.


The SPCs are committees of council that advise and assist the Council in the formulation, development and review of policy of a strategic nature. The SPCs make recommendations to full Council, and final policy decisions rest with full Council.


The SPCs are comprised of Elected Members of Council and sectoral representatives, which include representatives from trade unions, business and employers, community groups, and the agricultural sector, amongst others.


Lord Mayor of Cork Cllr. John Sheehan said:  “We were delighted to welcome the newly formed Strategic Policy Committees to City Hall yesterday.  Working together, the sectoral representatives and the councillors will bring their valuable and differing experience to the table in the formulation and review of policy and all of this helps to inform the future of Cork.”


The new Strategic Policy Committees are as follows:


  • Housing
  • Environment, Water and Amenity
  • Strategic, Economic Development, Enterprise and Planning
  • Roads and Transportation
  • Community, Culture and Placemaking
  • International Relations and Tourism.

The first official meetings of the new Strategic Policy Committees will take place next week.



Notes to Editor
Membership of the new SPCs is as follows:

Housing: Cllr. Terry Shannon (FF – Chair) Cllr. Tony Fitzgerald (FF), Cllr. Fergal Dennehy (FF), Cllr. Derry Canty (FG), Cllr. Garrett Kelleher (FG), Cllr. Dan Boyle (GP), Cllr. Colette Finn (GP), Cllr. Thomas Gould (SF), Cllr. Fiona Ryan (SOL-PBP), Cllr. Thomas Moloney (NP), Michael Kelleher (Development/Construction), Clara O’Neill (Business/Employer), Barry Murphy (Trade Union), Gary O’Brien (Community/Voluntary), Eoin Mac Cuirc (Social Inclusion)

Environment, Water & Amenity: Cllr. Dan Boyle (GP – Chair), Cllr. Mary-Rose Desmond (FF), Cllr. Terry Shannon (FF), Cllr. Des Cahill (FG), Cllr. Joe Kavanagh (FG), Cllr. Fiona Ryan (SOL-PBP), Cllr. Thomas Gould (SF), Cllr. Sean Martin (FF), Cllr. Oliver Moran (GP), Cllr. Ted Tynan (WP), Donal Sweeney (Agriculture/Farming), Maria Kirrane (Environmental/Conservation), Pat O’Connell (Business/Employer), Dr. Barry McDermott (Business/Employer), Colm Cronin (Trade Union)

Strategic, Economic Development, Enterprise & Planning:
 Cllr. Sean Martin (FF – Chair), Cllr. Ken O’Flynn (FF), Cllr. Colm Kelleher (FF), Cllr. Joe Kavanagh (FG), Cllr. Damien Boylan (FG), Cllr. Lorna Bogue (GP), Cllr. Henry Cremin (SF), Cllr. Paudie Dineen (NP), Cllr. Mick Finn (NP), Cllr. Ted Tynan (WP), Tim O’Lery (Agriculture/Farming), John Hegarty (Environment/Conservation), Michael O’Sullivan (Development/Construction), Isobel O’Regan (Business/Employer), Martin Corbett (Trade Union)

International Relations & Tourism: Cllr. Derry Canty (FG – Chair), Cllr. Colm Kelleher (FF), Cllr. Damien Boylan (FG), Cllr. Garrett Kelleher (FG), Cllr. Lorna Bogue (GP), Cllr. Paudie Dineen (NP), Cllr. Henry Cremin (SF), Cllr. Kenneth Collins (SF), Cllr. Thomas Moloney (NP), Cllr. Ger Keohane (NP), Pat Lehane (Agriculture/Farming), Shirley Gallagher (Public Participation Network), Aaron Mansworth (Business/Employer), Seamus Heaney (Business/Employer), Wojciech Bialek (Social Inclusion)

Roads & Transportation: Cllr Des Cahill (FG- Chair), Cllr. Mary-Rose Desmond (FF), Cllr. Ger Keohane (NP), Cllr. Shane O’Callaghan (FG), Cllr. Deirdre Forde (FG), Cllr. Oliver Moran (GP), Cllr. Kieran McCarthy (NP), Cllr. Kenneth Collins (SF), Cllr. John Maher (LAB), Cllr. Fiona Kerins (SF), Stephan Koch (Environment/Conservation), Sean Carrigy (Development/Construction), Kevin Burke (Business/Employer), John Bowen (Trade Union), Mary Doran (Social Inclusion)

Community, Culture & Placemaking: Cllr. Ken O’Flynn (FF – Chair), Cllr. Fergal Dennehy (FF), Cllr. Tony Fitzgerald (FF), Cllr. Shane O’Callaghan (FG), Cllr. Deirdre Forde (FG), Cllr. Colette Finn (GP), Cllr. Kieran McCarthy (NP), Cllr. Mick Finn (NP), Cllr. John Maher (LAB), Cllr. Fiona Kerins (SF), Conor O;Connell (Development/Construction), Sinéad Dunphy (Business/Employer), Lisa Petersheim (Community/Voluntary), Dermot O’Connell (Community/Voluntary), Padraig Rice (Social Inclusion).