Help Shape Your Library Service

Consultation Survey: Libraries Development Plan 2020 – 2024
Deadline: Friday 21 February

Cork City Council is preparing a Libraries Development Plan 2020 – 2024 and are asked the people of Cork to help develop the services for the next five years. Your input and feedback are grately appreciated on the following:

  • Do you use Libraries? If so what is your experience?
  • How can we Increase Usership across the City?
  • What would you want in a New City Centre Library
  • How can we Reach Out to new communities?
  • Your thoughts on improving our Programmes and Activities
  • Your Ideas for Development, and any other Thoughts

To take part in the survey:

  • Complete online: Visit
  • Fill in the Suggestion Form at your local library
  • To download click this link: Cork City Library Consultation and return to your local library or email:


Cork City Council has libraries in 10 locations across the new Cork City. For full information on services currently provided by your public library service, visit