Close your eyes and think about your ideal city….


How does it look?

What kinds of communities are you a part of?

How are you made to feel like you belong?

How is your community’s voice heard and respected?

How do you move around the city?

How do you spend your weekends?

How do you socialise with others living in your neighbourhood?

What services are prioritised?

How is public money invested?


Would you like to have your say and hear how others envisage Cork in the years to come?


The Public Participation are undertaking a big piece of work to develop a ‘Wellbeing statement’-which is really another name for a City Vision. With help from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Environment Pillar, we will host two big workshops where these conversations will be thrown open to groups from all over the city.

We’ll take the chance to think about what we love and value in our city, but most importantly to cast our minds forward and think about how our communities can become as healthy, prosperous and inclusive as possible.


Remember, your community might be a

Community of Geography, i.e. a community or residents’ association


Community of Interest, i.e. groups who support particular needs or challenges, sporting or recreational groups,or distinct migrant nationalities…

The PPN welcomes (almost!) all groups and organisations!

Not a PPN member yet? No problem! Come along anyway, and we will register you at the event.


But what will we DO with all of these opinions and priorities?

Well-we’ll use them to formulate a ‘Wellbeing Statement’ for our PPN.

This will guide how the network spends its time and resources in the years to come and very importantly, our representatives will use it to inform their participation in committees in City Hall.

This exercise will also feed into both Healthy Cities and Learning Cities community consultation exercises.


So come along!


Workshops will take place on


Thursday May 17th, from 6-9pm


Saturday May 19th from 11:30am-2:30pm

at the River Lee Hotel, Western Road Cork.


Please let Martha know if your group is sending a representatives-email contact on the poster (above!)