Innovation in Politics Award
Deadline for Nominations: Monday 15 July

The Innovation in Politics Awards recognise courageous and creative politicians from all levels of governance and from all democratic parties in Europe. Participation of citizens is a key element of the Awards.

European citizens aged over 16 years are invited to nominate a political project or apply to become a member of the jury and join a panel of over 1,000 people to select and learn about outstanding political initiatives from across Europe. Politicians may also enter innovative projects.

The Awards are presented in eight categories:

  • Quality of Life
  • Prosperity
  • Jobs
  • Ecology
  • Civilisation
  • Democracy
  • Human Rights
  • Community

Projects are evaluated according to 4 criteria:

  1. Innovation: Projects showing innovative character, breaking new ground in meeting a challenge
  2. Participation: Motivating citizen participation in an extensive or special way, bringing people together from different parts of society or with different political views
  3. Building Trust: Strengthening trust in democratic processes and institutions
  4. Sustainability: Creating lasting improvements in the lives of all those affected, and producing high output in relation to the financial input

Deadline for nominations: Monday 15 July
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