PPN – Community Wellbeing Consultations Overview and Resources

Over the coming months the Cork City PPN is planning a number of public consultations on Community Wellbeing with communities in the expanded area of Cork City and Cork city centre, and additionally with new communities to Cork City and with Youth.

The purpose is to capture an updated vision of Wellbeing and more specifically to identify priorities to feed into local and national consultations, concerning the future development of the City and country from a community perspective. This includes the upcoming Cork City Council Local Economic and Community Plan – LECP

To carry out the consultations we will need a number of facilitators at each meeting – approx 6 and would appreciate help and support. We will be organising a PPN Wellbeing Consultation – Facilitator’s Meeting at the end of March and the first consultations will take place in Glanmire – Dates and details to follow in the coming week.


Resources – National PPN Wellbeing Consultation Process

Cork City PPN Wellbeing Statement 2018 – https://bit.ly/2Qck43e

Cork City PPN Wellbeing Workshops 2018 (Detailed Outcomes) – https://bit.ly/2QdxWdE

Developing a Vision for Wellbeing within the PPN network – www.communitywellbeing.ie/wp/

Community Wellbeing – PPN Consultation Process – http://bit.ly/2T17q9b

PPN Community Wellbeing – Facilitator’s Briefing – http://bit.ly/2w0Q4A2

Community Wellbeing – FAQ – http://bit.ly/2VjkWGq