Have you heard about the Lower Lee Flood Relief Scheme?

Maybe you’ve been involved in some of the discussion that has been ongoing, one of the campaign events that have been run across the city, or perhaps you attended one of the information events?


Or perhaps it’s not something you’ve come across yet.


However-if your organisation is based in or near the City Centre, or if your community, participants, service users or  partners work, live or travel within Cork City Centre or Blackpool, it is likely that you will be affected by implementation of this scheme.

river LEE

One of the key roles of the Public Participation Networks across the country is to open up the public consultation process to the community, and to help the third sector to participate fully these important discussions. We hope that you will want to get involved in our next big consultation, about the Lower Lee Flood Relief Scheme. Although we are coming to the debate a little late, we have negotiated with the Office of Public Works to have a small extension of the deadline to submit a PPN response.

So-we need to hear from you!

If your organisation wants its voice to be a part of the PPN response to this proposed scheme, or just wants to find out more about it, now is your chance.


How do we get involved?

  • First, take a look at the Office of Public Works website dedicated entirely to this project. You’ll find drawings, maps and timetables for works as well as contact details for important stakeholders and details of press coverage of the scheme.
  • If you’d like to find out more, come along to our April 6th plenary to hear from the OPW as well as other PPN members like Save Cork City who have been very involved in the discussion to date. In order to allow smaller group debate, we will also have a number of breakout discussions. We’ll be using this opportunity to collect responses which will contribute to a network response, to be submitted to the OPW in the week commencing April 10.
  • Can’t make the plenary? Already know where your organisation strands? Then fill out our Consultation Survey. Once again, comments collected here will be used to construct an overall network response.

We are looking forward to receiving your views, comments and opinions.

Thanks for taking part!