Good Day Cork
Social Inclusion
Minority Groups
Cork City South-East


Good Day Cork is a magazine committed to amplify marginalised voices. This magazine began in 2018 through a successful crowdfunding campaign. With the help of this crowdfunding effort, we launched as a print magazine called ‘Good Day News’ in September 2018 containing four issues in the first cycle. The magazine was distributed utilising an honesty system in Cork’s beloved cafes, book shops, and other local enterprises. We made the transition to the digital realm in 2020. After 3 years, Good Day Cork also offer print subscription plans. Since 2018, we also began to create positive spaces for Cork while working on the Good Day News magazine. The first event we designed is ‘Many Tongues of Cork,’ which was held in March 2019. ‘Many Tongues of Cork’ is a multilingual prose and poetry gathering that recognises Cork’s intercultural identity. These events are intended to help people understand different cultures by using the sounds of the languages spoken by her people. Since 2019, we have published a multilingual poetry film in collaboration with Cork City Libraries called ‘An Earth Song’ (2021). We have also published a multilingual essay collection called ‘Pathways’ (2022) with support from Cork City Council and the Heritage and Biodiversity Plan. Another ongoing event we curate is ‘Wild Ones Salon’ a feminist space for people of all backgrounds. The first salon took place on June 12th, 2021. This is a brave space for everyone to speak up and listen to one another. The Salon discussions assist each other in embracing themselves and feeling stronger in their power. The Wild Ones Salon will now be held weekly on Mondays via Zoom and the broad theme for 2023 is ‘Embracing Equity’. The vision of Good Day Cork is a kind world. To fulfil this vision we use media and conversations as the vehicles to change the narrative. Our values guide us. We’re ever learning the practises and language to dismantle oppression. We also aim to use our media and event spaces to fill people with hope, encouragement and energy to continue advocacy and to support one's agency.


44 The Drive, Broadale, Maryborough Hill, Douglas Cork Cork T12F6FV