Irish Pakistani Community of Cork
Social Inclusion
Cork City North-West


There are thousands of Irish Pakistanis living in all parts of Cork, including Cork City, the West and North side of Cork. The Irish Pakistani Community group is important for Cork, and the group aims to bring different perspectives of integration in by engaging in different activities including cultural, advocacy work, and citizen awareness through information sharing, active citizen participation projects, letting everyone know what is happening in Cork and effectively creating networking opportunities. It's a good way of linking with other communities and engaging with its members. Also, the group discusses the work its members are doing and sorts out issues its members are facing. They also have a support network to help each other whenever required. This year, the group arranged two important events of integration in Cork City- for the first time, the group participated in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and held an event of Iftaar dinner, attended by all local communities of other faiths. The Chairperson is also a tutor of the Fusion-Cooking programme of Cork City Partnership which is an idea to integrate through food.