St. Luke's Community Garden
Environment and Conservation
Cork City North-East


St. Luke’s Community Garden was created during the pandemic, to create a space for the community to garden and grow food. It has since become a beloved green space in the heart of St. Luke’s on Ballyhooly Road, where monthly and often weekly, members of the community come together to care for the garden, keep it clean and tidy, grow and harvest with the season, learn about sustainability, the environment, circular economy, zero waste, re-use and upcycling and co-creating a community space where everyone is welcome. The core principles of the garden are: Food – grow vegetables and fruit with the seasons, organically and sharing it back to the community. Biodiversity – re-introduce native irish trees and plants, plant a vast variety of crop and flowers to attract pollinators and bring back natural wildlife. Sustainability – keep in mind zero-waste and circular economy, using what already exists, creating little to no waste, re-using and upcycling as much as possible. Community – a green space and garden where community comes together to co-create a space where all are welcome. Education – always learning, no matter what age. Inviting ourselves and subject matter experts to teach and learn about gardening, foraging, wildlife, sustainability, composting and so much more.