UPDATE Masters (MSocSc) in Voluntary and Community Sector Management (Part-time) at University College Cork

(Classes start on Wednesday 30th September 2020)

This Masters is offered to those involved in the voluntary and community sector who would like to improve their knowledge and skills base. It may also be of interest to anyone who wishes to develop a career in the voluntary and community sector or in public sector work which is linked to closely with the voluntary and community sector.

Generally applicants should have at least a 2:2 honours degree and experience of involvement in voluntary /community sector work/activity.
Six different Depts across UCC contribute 12 different modules to the programme – Applied Social Studies, Law, Management, Business Information Systems, Government, and Food Business and Development. The course is taught one day a week (Wednesday 10.00-4.30) over two years and the cost of the programme is €3080 euros per year (€6160 over the two years). 

The Masters has been taught at UCC since 2008 and has built up a good reputation in the sector for the range of subjects taught, the student-centred small group teaching approach and the networking and comradery it promotes. This is evidenced by numerous testimonials provided by past students.

Further information on this programme is available on our online prospectus at www.ucc.ie/en/CKE75,

or by contacting Dr. Féilim Ó hAdhmaill, School of Applied Social Studies, at email f.ohadhmaill@ucc.ie

Applications can be made online during through the Postgraduate Admissions Centre at www.pac.ie 

(Classes start on Wednesday 30th September 2020 and whilst it is hoped that classes in Semester 1 (before Christmas) will be able to take place, with appropriate social distancing, in the large classroom at University College Cork, this may not be possible under Government guidelines and we may need to have distance learning for Semester 1. Applicants will be kept updated on this during the summer.)