Crawford Art Gallery, Emmet Place (click for map)
Friday 28 June – Monday 28 October

For its summer 2019 exhibition, the Crawford Art Gallery presents ‘Seen, not Heard’, examining how the role of the child has evolved within Ireland and wider society and encouraging the audience to reflect on their own perceptions of childhood. The proverb Seen, not Heard, has its origins in the 15th century, where children, particularly young women, were meant to stay silent unless spoken to or asked to speak.

The exhibition is accompanied by the ‘Seen, and Heard’ Playspace that involves the entire upper gallery being given over to play in an experimental, project based playroom. Visitors will be seen and heard, playing, making, reading dreaming and even drawing on the walls.

It features a wide programme of events, starting in June & July with Dowtcha Puppets. Children and their adults are encouraged to head along and play with friends and family over the summer.