Along with our friends in Cork Environmental Forum and Cultivate, we are delighted to be co-hosting Convergence Cork in St. Peters on North Main Street on Monday September 25th from 7:30pm.


The event is just one part of a nationwide series of events which look to shine a spotlight on some of the great community work which embodies the ethos of ‘Local Action Global Impact’ in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


On the night we’ll welcome speakers from

The Lantern Project

Boomerang Enterprises

Cork Cycle Campaign

St Stephen’s Sustainability Lab

Cork Nature Network


who will give us a brief background on their projects’ aims, as well as some of the challenges and opportunities which have arisen in the development of their work.

The main body of the evening, however, will focus on smaller, group discussions aiming to identify common themes and shared goals of community and grassroots projects in Cork.

How can groups of all sizes begin to design their work to make a real impact on the big, global issues like climate change and poverty?

How do we best exploit the limited resources of the community and voluntary sector to meet our aims?



Davie, from Cultivate, is collating the outputs from all Convergence events to create a clearer picture on

  • capacity building needs form the community sector
  • pilot and best practice initiatives
  • resource needs to further this work.

This is a free event! and we are hoping to have a great turnout to fuel a lively discussion on the night.

Everyone is welcome, refreshments will be served from 7pm.