Test Best Buddys
Cork City North-East


We become best buddies to dogs who have no friends. We provide this befriending service throughout the Cork City Area. We do not descriminate against any dogs so please get in touch, but we will ask that dogs are washed regularly. Unfortunately, we don't have the capacity to befriend dogs with some friends but are just feeling a bit lonely, or who have dog friends who are currently unavailable, such as being at the kennels. Only friendless dogs can avail of our services.


St. Joseph's Community Association Old Youghal Road, Cork Cork

The dance troupe Aatma was founded in 2018 by Dr. Lekha Menon Margassery who had the vision to create a platform for both students and alumni of University College Cork (UCC) to follow and express their passion for Indian dances. When the troupe started, it sparked interest not only within the Indian Community at UCC but also amongst hidden talented dancers of both the healthcare and IT sectors.
The troupe currently consists of dancers from all over India who aspire to articulate their culture through different dance forms and music across classical, semi-classical, folk and even Bollywood.
Though we started in 2018, we were unable to reach out to other lovers of dance, and so the team put together our launch event on 9th July 2022. The performances were based on “Navarasa” meaning “nine human emotions” which was the theme of the event. We were joined by the Mary McCarthy Irish School of Dancing who performed “Winter Moves” and UCC Staff Dance society performed the Salsa. We are delighted to have not only performed for an amazing audience, but were also able to raise €300 for the Cork Penny Dinners through the launch.
We believe in growing, learning, and expressing different stories through our art and hope to give back the love we get from people!