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Cork City PPN Community Wellbeing Statement, 2018 – Download

Public Participation Networks (PPNs) A User Guide May 2016 –

Participative Democracy – Getting the most from Your PPN – Collaboration Cork City PPN, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown PPN and Offaly PPN, June 2017

Criteria for Membership of Environment Electoral College of County/City Public Participation Networks (PPNs), November 2017  – Download

PPN Annual Report – Download

Social Justice Ireland

Government of Ireland www.gov.ie

Cork City Council

From Cork City PPN Files

  • Cork City Development Plan 2015‐2021
  • Creating the right Vision for the City Docks 20182050

Charities Regulator

National Adult Literacy Agency – NALA

Environmental Pillar

The Wheel

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