Thank You For Applying To Register!

Many thanks for applying to join Cork City PPN. Your form has been sent directly to our staff who will look over the details provided and one of 3 things will happen

  • Your request will be approved

    In this instance, you will receive an automated email response once your application has been reviewed. This will advise you that your request has been processed successfully and it will contain a membership number.

  • You will receive a request further information

    This will come either via phone or email and it generally happens if we need more details on how you meet the membership criteria. The most common reason for this is that one or more fields in the form have been left blank, so it’s often the case that a simple email or phone-call can satisfy our requirements.

  • Your request will, regrettably, be rejected

    Should it be the case that your group or organisation does not satisfy the membership criteria, we will make contact via phone or email to let you know that this is the case. Where the barrier to joining is something that can or is likely to change we can always revisit this as we’re keen to be as open to new registrations as possible. For example this can apply for organisations that apply before they are a year in operation.

What Happens After My Application Is Approved?

  • Newsletters

    Once your membership has been approved you will be enrolled in the mailing list for our fortnightly newsletter. Should you wish at any point to unsubscribe from this just let  us know and we will make an adjustment in our records.

  • Ad Hoc Notices

    You will also receive periodic emails from us on special events, meetings, consultations that are separate from the newsletter. We try to keep these to a minimum and where possible to incorporate them into the newsletter to cut down on the amount of email traffic we send your way.

  • Meetings & PPN Events

    When we are planning a formal meeting of the members (approx. 4 times per year), the meeting of a thematic sub-group (known as a linkage group), elections for any of our representative posts, PPN member training events, or the like, we will also send word via email.

Electronic communication versus postal contact

Our default mode of communication is email as it’s quick, reliable, cheap, and better for the environment. That said, we know it doesn’t always suit everyone so we’re happy to make a note on your file if you would prefer to receive mailings through the post too, so just get in touch and let us know if that’s the case (086 142 2747 | | Cork Volunteer Centre, 13 North Main Street, Cork).

Thank you for your interest in joining Cork City PPN, we’ll be in touch very soon!