Our popular Virtual Summit Series culminates on Wednesday, 24 June, with a stimulating panel discussion featuring one of Ireland’s top economists, an outstanding journalist, and two leading lights from the community and voluntary sector.

The panel will explore the revival of community and voluntary activity during the COVID-19 pandemic and how your organisation can leverage this trend to bring about positive social change.

Our high levels of volunteering have been much talked about and praised during the pandemic, and much of this collective action has been facilitated and enabled through the community and voluntary sector. We are now presented with an important opportunity to learn from recent experience and shape our future so that the economy sustains strong communities and nurtures the values and the actions that have served us so well.
Questions to be explored at our final Summit event include:

  • While many people have commented positively on the great community spirit shown during the lockdown period, what does this really mean in practice?
  • How can we focus government and public agencies on harnessing and supporting community spirit?
  • Is it possible to rebuild based on the solidarity of the recent national effort, or will society be once again subservient to a competitive market approach leading to another period of austerity?
  • How can we build strong infrastructure to support community action? Can we articulate all of this in a way that will command strong public and state support?


Join us next Wednesday, 24 June from 9.30am-11.30am for this free online event. Both member and non-members are welcome.
Places are limited, register now at the link below to secure your place