Voting Now Open to Elect 2 Community Reps to Cork City Joint Policing Committee
The Deadline for Voting has been Extended :
Vote Online until Monday 04 October and also at the Plenary on Wednesday 06 October

Following a call for expressions of interest in joining the Cork City Joint Policing Committee at the start of September, I am delighted to say we are nearing the end of the process.
We have 2 standing nominations for the 2 Environment Reps openings, which means no election is necessary for the environmental pillar.

There were, however, 4 nominations received for the 2 Community & Voluntary Rep positions, and 3 nominations for the 2 Social Inclusion Rep positions.  This  means we must run elections to decide who will take up these positions.
Organisations belonging to the Community & Voluntary Pillar are therefore eligible to submit 1 vote in this election (i.e. they may select 2 candidates from the 4 nominees who you would like to see take up these 2 positions). Please email for the voting form and candidate details.
We will also be posting out hard copies of the voting form to the primary contacts of PPN Member Organisations to ensure those who prefer non-digital communication are included and have a chance to take part.

Whether submitted online, via email (, post or by hand (Cork Volunteer Centre, 13 North Main Street, Cork), all votes must be received by 16:00 on Thursday 10 October to be counted.
Organisations have only 1 vote in this election, so those wishing to vote must have the permission of their group/organisation to vote on its behalf.

After the deadline has passed, we will be back to provide a final list of the 6 nominees who will take up the JPC positions.