What Is Cork City Public Participation Network (‘PPN’)?

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The Public Participation Network (‘PPN’) provides a new way for the public to engage with the Cork City Council. It is made up of groups and organisations from the community and voluntary, social inclusion and environment sectors across the City. There are currently over 140 members in Cork City PPN. In an nutshell, the PPN,

  • Acts as a contact-point for City Council to consult on new plans, strategies, policies, services, and other community supports

  • Supports PPN Members in developing policies & positions and advocating for these with City Council

  • Elects representatives to sit on the City’s,

    • Strategic Policy Committees (SPC)
    • Joint Policing Committee (JPC)
    • Local Community Development Committee (LCDC)
    • Drug & Alcohol Task Force (DATF)
    • Heritage Committee
    • and others
  • Shares information on funding & initiatives with members

  • Provides free & low cost support and training to members

Who Can Join the PPN?

Non-profit groups and organisations who,

  • Have been active in Cork City for at least 1 year

  • Have more than 5 members

  • Are non-party political and non-sectarian

  • If asked to do so, can show they exist with either,

    • A website or Facebook page
    • Minutes of meetings
    • A set of rules
    • A constitution
    • Terms of reference, or
    • A leaflet or brochure

Why Join the PPN?

There are many benefits to joining the PPN, including,

  • Being part of a new way for the public to engage with Cork City Council on important plans, strategies, and policies

  • Taking part in elections to select representatives who sit on policy-making committees and influence what happens at these committees

  • Sharing information and ideas and learn from other groups / organisations in your area or sector

  • Receiving information on funding, grants, and initiatives of interest to local groups, organisations, and communities

  • Availing of free & low cost support and training

  • Creating a sense of solidarity and collective action across the City