Autumn Linkage Groups 2023

All Cork City PPN Member Groups are invited to the Autumn Linkage Groups on the below dates! Each meeting will have a Guest Speaker to begin the evening and stimulate the group discussions.

Linkage Groups bring together PPN member groups with a common interest to discuss their diverse views and interests in a specific policy area. This is a pathway for member groups to have real input into policy work to influence change by advocating for policy changes through engaging with Cork City Council and other relevant bodies. Linkage Groups are an essential component of the work of the PPN, operating under the PPN Plenary and reporting to the PPN Secretariat.

More details and documents relating to each of these Linkage Groups can be found here. To register, please complete the Contact Form on your chosen Linkage Group page or contact

The dates for the Autumn Linkage Groups are below:

Community Safety

Thursday 31 August, 6-8pm

David Lane (HSE Co-Ordinator of Drug and Alcohol Services) will be talking about the Supervised Injection Centres, which has become a pivotal policy area in Cork City.

Diversity, Disability & Inclusion

Monday 4 September, 6-8 pm

To be Confirmed.

Climate Action, Environment & Natural Heritage

Tuesday 5 September, 6-8 pm

Eilish O’Boyle, Executive Scientist with Cork City Council will be discussing waste management with particular reference to community initiatives to undertake waste and circular economy actions. We will look at barriers and potential actions the PPN could collectively undertake to help overcome these barriers for groups. This will be of particular interest to those looking to pursue projects in this area.

Arts, Community, Heritage & Sport

Tuesday 26 September, 6-8 pm

Michelle Carew, Cork City Arts Officer with the Cork City Arts Office will be discussing arts policy and initiatives that are relevant to PPN members including upcoming arts funding.   

Housing, Planning & Transport

Monday 25 September: 6-8 pm

Shane Clarke from the VQ and former CEO of Nano Nagle Place will be discussing Nature-Based Solutions and how they can be applied to planning and liveable city development. This will be of interest to our regular Housing, Planning & Transport Linkage Group members but also those interested in environmental issues too.

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Marta Neto
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