Climate Action and Environment & Natural Heritage


This Linkage Group provides a space for Cork City PPN Members to discuss and develop policy and position papers about the interrelated topics of Environment, Water and Amenity. This Linkage Group covers one Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) at Cork City Council level. This Linkage Group meets 4 times a year, but you may have opportunities to work in smaller groups and share your work with the wider Linkage Group and Plenary itself.

There is a sample of themes that the related SPC covers. You do not need to be knowledgeable in all these areas to participate. You can focus on areas that interest you, or you may use the Linkage Group to grow in knowledge and develop your capacity in this area.

If you would like to attend the next Linkage Group, please fill in the form at the end of the page.


Lisa Petersheim


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Linkage Group Facilitator

Aurélie Mpaka

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Community & Voluntary

Linkage Group Facilitator

Niamh Guiry

UCC Green Campus Committee


Environment, Water & Amenity Strategic Policy Committee


We use Padlet for a shared space for working together. If you would like to get a flavour for the work happening on this Linkage Group, take a look at the Padlet below.

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Adopted Strategic Policy Committee Scheme



Cork City PPN Wellbeing Statement



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Statement from Representative, Niamh Guiry on lack of parity of esteem at Strategic Policy Committees in Cork City Council
Cork City Sectoral Representatives serving on Strategic Policy Committees continue to have patchy experiences with attempts to be treated equally to their committee colleagues. Niamh Guiry, Cork City Public Participation Network’s representative on the Environmental, Water and Amenities Strategic Policy Committee had attempted to submit the following motion which was developed at the Climate Action, Environment and Natural Heritage Linkage Group That Cork City Council adopts the EPA Green Procurement Guidelines as a guiding document for all public procurement within the remit of Cork City Council. Unfortunately, the current standing orders of the Cork City Council do not support…
First Linkage Group held in “Hybrid mode”
Cork City Public Participation Network held its first Linkage Group in “hybrid mode”, with people attending in person and some tuning in from home. The Climate Action, Environment & Natural Heritage Linkage Group took place on the 14 March in Cork City Council. Cork City Council have kindly supported the Public Participation Network by hosting us in their multi-media room, which is hybrid-enabled. Policy Discussion On the night Strategic Policy Committee representative shared the research and collaborative work she had been doing with other representatives from around the country on “The Rights of Nature”. We talked about practical applications and…